Lose Weight, Be Mentally Sharp, Feel Energised - Enjoy Your Coffee!...
You Can Burn Fat, Fuel Your Body And Brain, While You Enjoy Your Morning Coffee...
Hey, my name is Stephen, and as you may know, most low-calorie diets leave you feeling low on energy and lacking mental focus, especially first thing in the morning. 

After all, the morning is tough for many of us, but dieting just makes everything worse. If you want to beat weight loss blues, there's a new way to get your day off to a great start that you'll just love.

I had been overweight for years, as time passed, I got a little bit more overweight until one day I looked at some photographs taken with friends and I was the fattest in our group. I looked bloated and, frankly, unattractive. 

I needed a change - that was my motivation to start losing weight.

I joined a group and I was losing weight, I was happy with the results I was getting. A little willpower and better diet made a real difference. But I noticed a real problem. 

Every morning I was feeling low on energy. I couldn't face the day. At work, I didn't feel the mental focus that I needed to be fully effective. My body needed 'something' to help get started. 

I was seriously thinking about stopping my diet so that I could feel and work better but that's no answer – I needed something better.
How I Got The Body I Wanted The Keto Way...
You can tell your waistline not to worry because I am going to show you an easy, delicious, way to solve the problem of low energy while you are losing those unsightly extra pounds.

The biggest change that I made to my lifestyle and diet was to start eating a reduced carb diet. 

I cut out almost all carbs from my diet and increased my calorie intake from proteins and fats. This diet is called a Keto Diet because it forces your body into a state called 'ketosis'. When your body goes into ketosis it starts to burn fat to create the energy that your body needs instead of doing what it normally does - using carbohydrates for energy. 

This is useful in weight loss because the body converts excess calories into fat which is then stored on your body. ketosis forces your body to use the fat stored in your body to create energy, so you are directly burning your stored fat. 

A Keto diet is great in many ways. 

I liked that keto dieting helped me to control my high blood pressure, reduced my cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and, a big plus point for me: I found that my appetite decreased so I was feeling less hungry and eating less overall.
"The Keto Diet Downside"
Many people who take up Keto dieting enjoy the health benefits but find that their energy levels suffer. 

That's because carbs are a fast source of energy, but proteins and fats take longer to be processed by the body and so, especially in the morning, energy levels are low leading to a lack of mental focus and just a general feeling of being a bit 'low'. 

I needed a solution for that problem and that's what I will share with you now!
"Introducing It Works! Keto Coffee 
- And, Yes, It Works!"
What Is Keto Coffee?

Keto coffee is coffee mixed with butter and coconut oil. 

Keto coffee users find that this combination boosts their energy levels and mental state, they can concentrate better on their work. 

The mixture of coffee and butter helps to stave off hunger pangs and the coconut oil helps to increase their body's ketone production, accelerating the breakdown of unwanted fat. 

The problem is that before It Works! Keto Coffee was available, enjoying the benefits of keto coffee was not very convenient, everything had to be prepared fresh every day. 

For people living a normal life, in a rush to get to work, were unable to spare the time to make their keto coffee breakfast and enjoying the benefits through the day was impractical - but that was before the team at It Works! Keto Coffee came to our rescue.

Keto Coffee In An Instant

It Works! team understood the benefits of keto coffee for women wanting to lose weight and improve their lives but could see that those benefits were being lost because people simply didn't have the time to spend on preparation. 

It Works! Keto Coffee is different because it is instant. 

Each drink is packaged as a dried powder in a sachet designed to keep the drink fresh and ready to use. 

All you do is add hot, or cold, water, stir and drink. Just like normal instant coffee.

Drink Any Time

It Works! Keto Coffee is often used at breakfast, as a meal replacement but it can be enjoyed at any time that you want an energy boost, to fight hunger, or to help you with concentration. 

It Works! Keto Coffee tastes like ordinary coffee with creamer (that's the butter in the coffee) it doesn't need sweetener, but some people add Stevia for a, natural, sweeter taste without the calories. 

For a cafe latte twist, you can froth the drink up using a blender or a coffee frother. On warmer days, try It Works! Keto Coffee with ice as a refreshing cold drink.

Feel Full, Kill Fat

All dieters know the feeling of hunger that creeps into our minds, distracts us and tempts into eating something we shouldn't. 

The grass-fed butter used in It Works! Keto Coffee keeps you feeling full, so you won't feel hungry. 

That healthy fat content boosts your body's ketone production and stimulates fat killing ketosis so that you will get, more quickly, get that slender body you deserve.

MCT Oil Benefits For You

MCT oil is a purified form of saturated fatty acids made from coconut and palm oil. 

MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, these are a kind of natural fuel for your brain and body. 

Research has shown that MCTs can help with weight management, hunger suppression, improved brain power and better performance in physical activities. 

Together with the grass-fed butter and the well-known natural stimulant effect of coffee makes a powerful combination to make your life better for more than just creating a new, slimmer, body.

Build Healthy Muscle While You Drink

Keto Coffee from It Works! contains collagen, a protein that is naturally broken down in your body to create amino acids, the building blocks for all the proteins that your body needs. 

This process helps your body to build lean muscle. This helps you to be more physically fit, but also it helps your body to burn more calories because as your body develops more muscle you will burn more calories. 

The collagen peptides in It Works! Keto Coffee support your ketogenic diet of low carbs, high fat, and moderate protein.

How To Enjoy Instant Keto Coffee Now?

Now that you know about how a keto diet can help you lose those extra pounds and that great tasting It Works! Keto Coffee can help you with your fat loss diet, you should take the next step and check out how to try Keto Coffee for yourself. 

The Detox Cafe - It Works Keto Coffee Review
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